Hello Culture November 2012

Hello Culture November 2012

Working in collaboration with Bitjam, we devised a realtime data visualisation to represent the delegate responses from Hello Culture 2012.

Hello Culture is a conference exploring digital transformation and is held in Birmingham in the Custard Factory.

Each of the delegates was asked to fill out a survey using Google Forms. The data was collected in Google Docs and then published out as an RSS feed. Using processing I created an animated visualisation which read and parsed the rss feed every 2 minutes and updated the answers to the 8 questions.

For me it was really interesting to work with the data in terms of a technical aspect but also the actual responses.

I kept the theme and colours simple and adopted the hello branding to keep it concise. Animated squares mimicked the branding and represented number of answers, the questions or the answer boxes. I went for doughnut shaped visuals to show the answers as it contrasted yet complemented the square aesthetic nicely.




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November 27, 2012