covAiR17 - Ashley James Brown

residency ideas and process

During residencies I like to run public workshops that showcase my process and share some of the skills and knowledge that I have acquired that allow me to make the work that I do. I think any residency should enable this openness and sharing.

I also love to make new exciting and engaging works of course !

The hypothetical works given below are very Coventry based either in concept or execution and display a nostalgic historical flavour and futuristic playful approach that captures the current trends of data, connected objects and people and creative outdoor space specific experiences. They showcase a handful of residency potentials.

All ideas are IP and Copyright Ashley James Brown 2016

#covTree - a hypothetical large scale installation

Smaller Prototype Playable City style Ideas

These works are inspired by my life in the city and my desire to create meaningful playful engaging experiences that do not necessarily disrupt our daily life and can have minimal to long term interaction at the audiences choice.

All drawings by Amelie Brown (14) and Ashley James Brown (much too old to draw)

Street Light Symphony

Streetlights retro fitted to produce Theremin tonal sounds upon visitors passing under. Different heights create different tones. Can a queue of people recreate songs ? Perhaps a larger set can be created across the Whittle archway providing a sonification of the diverse movement of traffic into the city.

Staring Out To Sea

A series of augmented Seaside Pier telescopes offering visitors a glimpse into the horizon that might be if Coventry wasn’t as land locked as it is..

Perhaps its video streamed live from the furthest UK Beach or perhaps its virtual.

Digital Dowsing

A self discovery audiovisual wandering tour to uncover the hidden river using augmented and virtual reality smartphone devices.


Voice recognition digital posters that respond to users saying Hello and a reply Hello in one of the many diverse languages spoken within the city