As a creative technologist I work with a plethora of tools and processes to fulfill clients digital needs. Roughly my services cover the following areas.

Digital Technology workshops

Hands on creative digital making with a variety of hardware and software tools from absolute beginner / family friendly events and corporate training days to delivery of school, college and university lecturing programmes.







Bare Conductive





Working with Arduino and a variety of other digital tools and technology I help creative businesses, artists and students realise their creative products and services in a rapid iterative development cycle.


Working with a wide variety of clients and arts organisations, gallery spaces, heritage sites and performance groups

Processing Cities

Teaching programming through a visual arts context at a variety of establishments and geographic regions. Based in Coventry I led the UK initiative from (P5Cov) and have delivered processing workshops in Coventry, Birmingham, Stoke-On-Trent, Leeds, London, Bristol and Stafford.



Often when budgets are tight and you want something crazy technical digital but don’t have the knowledge of where to look then i can step in and offer advice and guidance.

Games Development.

I have created smartphone and desktop games for clients to either increase engagement or to market and promote their services/products or performances.

Call for a quote to discuss your needs.


Much of what i do cant be categorised and blends between a combination of services offered above. If you are working in the arts and interested in technology then i just might be your man. If you have an idea for a technology product and want a prototype building as proof of concept then i have the soldering iron ready to go. If you are business and want to use technology for lean purposes but want a playful hands on workshop then if you have seen my TEDx you know i can raise a smile from non believers.

With over 7 years experience delivering technology enabled projects, performances and products in a wide and diverse field its possible i have the skills and expertise that you might be looking for.

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