Day long introduction to using processing held at the QUAD Arts Centre in Derby, UK

WaveMaker Stoke – Pilot

Wavemaker is a new space in the City Centre of Stoke-On-Trent for people of all ages wishing to learn how to code, make, hack and 3D print technologies. The pilot was a 2 day hands on experience of creative technology, engineering, art and dfesign. I provided 2 days of creative coding workshops, using arduino and little bits and a mini kids workshop to craft playdough musical monsters – interfaces to the computer for collaborative music...

Gallery Camp September 2014

As part of the #Gallerycamp14 Fringe activities, creative technologist and digital artist, Ashley has lead hands-on activities throughout the day in QUAD’s Digital Studio. Ashley delivered workshops about MakeyMakey – inventing and creating novel interfaces Ashley also delivered a Hands on exploration and demonstration of creative technologies allowing participants to create and play with MakeyMakey, LeapMotion, Kinect, NFC, Raspberry Pi, Isadora, Processing, Arduino, Javascript and Mobile Web...

#ACdigiart October 2013

Creative workshops involving Leap Motion controller, Makey Makey + Arduino and Raspberry Pi computers. Aimed at facilitators, artists, arts organisations i aimed to demystify the technology and show a broad range of uses in educational arts contexts.

Mac Makes Music April 2013

Early years education conference around music. I delivered a workshop and panel discussion about technology and music making