#pparis15 – Processing Paris 2015

#pparis15 - Processing Paris 2015 5 days in Paris working with creative coders, architects, designers and hardware prototypers to test a new framework built in processing by Laurent Novac and collaborated, tested and destroyed by myself. The Live_IO framework allows artists working with processing to quickly create interactive works for live a/v shows, installations and web based generative tools. The 5 days culminated in a live show in which I performed under my Arctic Sunrise moniker, and all of my midi control interfaces spat out OSC broadcast messages to all the other students to receive as inputs to control their visual in real time in sync with the audio.     IMG_20150419_195048 IMG_20150419_222007 IMG_20150419_204646 IMG_20150418_131832...


#geeksprintGVA Geek Sprint Geneva Geek Sprint was a 5 day intensive hackathon event in Geneva, Switzerland at the HQ of software company Garagecube. Garagecube produce Modul8 – one of the worlds best VJ software products and also MadMapper – the Number one go to software for Projection Mapping. They work closely with 1024 Architecture and co-curate and produce the Mapping Festival – an internationally acclaimed projection mapping festival and showcase. The purpose of the geeksprint event was to collect several artists, designers and prototypers from around the world to take kick-starter products, other technologies and code and transform and build new exciting installations for the Mapping Festival. I collaborated with software developer and VJ – Laurent Novac, and designer and developer Walid Boetzelaer to create an interactive glitch pointillism portrait drawing robot.       IMG_20150412_182718 IMG_20150411_233836 IMG_20150410_175448 IMG_20150411_171227 IMG_20150411_225533 IMG_20150412_182306 IMG_20150412_182254 IMG_20150410_153149 IMG_20150409_195023 IMG_20150410_123141...


Quick prototype hardware software combo for a protable LED strip graphic equaliser to wear, hang from the ceiling or place under a turntable for djing. Produced for record label NBAR in Poland

Those Amongst Us Are Wolves band April 2014

Ashley created and designed interactive kinect based live visuals, controlled via wiimote, 2 projector and a mac mini. This was to support a performance by the band Those Amongst Us Are Wolves