Play Code Share is a pilot research project around creative coding and arts led exploration. The project aims to give young people the chance to bring their creative minds and an artistic sensibility to computer coding. Ashley is the lead artist and created the year...


Ashley was a lecturer at Birmingham Ormiston Academy teaching New Media and Games design. Ashley worked with pupils on project based real world outcomes to deliver work that is of a high achievement whilst giving them industry experience.

Gamer Lab October 2012

Ashley worked with a group of 20 young people at Birmingham Ormiston Academy, pupils designed and created their own game, which were then publicly shared. Some of the games were also shared on the Apple Store.

BOA September 2012

Ashley worked with young people at Birmingham Ormiston Academy, creating interactive content to encourage play on campus.    

Games Brittania July 2012

Ashley delivered workshops on coding in Raspberry Pi, Arduino and creating games in GameSalad for young people at Magna Science Adventure...