errorbits June 2013

errorbits June 2013

Created for ‘Play Scene’ for Ludic Rooms.

Taking a retro 1980s Arcade Games Cabinet and repurposing it as part of the Coventry Mysteries Festival, Ludic Rooms wanted to challenge and redefine the meaning of a game.

4 international artists were tasked to create a digital artwork that the public interacted with using the traditional controls and buttons of the arcade machine, to create a playful installation that couldn’t be defined as a traditional game.

I submitted errorbits, a piece created exclusively for Play Scene.

errorbits is a playful interactive piece based upon the rgb pixels found in tvs and screens. I magnified the pixels to be larger than usual and gave them an unusual pattern and flow. The user(s) / player(s) could then interact and alter the colour, shape, speed and flow of the pixels to create a morphing pattern of pixels. The piece is named after the deviation of the perceived correctness of the bits of data that are used to display an image to the screen.


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July 8, 2013