Bubble Chamber

Working with Mercurial Arts i was commissioned as Lead Digital Artist to work with young people and professionally dancers to create an immerser digital dance experience called the Bubble Chamber.

The Bubble Chamber is an exciting programme of digital dance, animating void spaces through performance, film and computer technology, housed in our empty shops performance and workshop space.

In a year we have worked with over 400 participants at the Bubble Chamber, presented 22 dance performances, 10 digital dance installations running in total for over 16 weeks and hosted a variety of rehearsals and events. We have shared our work with audiences of over 14400 and presented the project, interactive installations and how Artists can support city centre regeneration through our shop window to a footfall of 455,454.

The Bubble Chamber is about working in empty shops as temporary spaces for art and dance installations. Each installation is unique and tailored to the venue in which it is held. As a performance event the Bubble Chamber can be created with groups of students or professionals to establish a site specific show that evolves over time.

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July 5, 2012