In collaboration with Theatre Absolute.


Like a sudden memory of falling from skyscrapers. A man, turning, and falling in the air. But it’s somehow more than that. Always. A last thing. Before sleep. It’s not a dream. I’m awake. In a room. ”

Explored through a mixture of both text and film, Always is a story of the planet, of inertia, desire, and their deadly consequences. At only 10 minutes running time, and made for just 15 audience members per show, this new piece from multi-award winning Theatre Absolute is intense, mesmerising, and engaging. Text by Chris O’Connell. Film by Ashley Brown. Performed by John Flitcroft.

I worked to create the interactive elements using arduino and electronic sensors, the score using samples and composed electronic music and the visuals using a combination of film, creative code and isadora.


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March 6, 2013