Ashley James Brown

Ashley James Brown

Creative Entrepreneur and Technology Artist

Ashley has been a digital maker since the age of 10. Of course back in the 80’s the technology was different, yet the rewards for the curious hacker, creator, coder and inventor were still the same as they are today. Making Games, Audio and custom Electronics were all gateways into novel and exciting interactive experiences and Ashley shares his passion for being a creator and not just a consumer through all of his work.

Ashley is currently working at the cross section of art, design, computation and craft and he works with technology as his medium to build innovative and memorable experiences that are more social and connected.

I began my practice as a Computer Scientist and have spent the last decade working as a creative coder, technologist, sound artist and electronic musician.

“The relationship between physical forms and digital code is fascinating to me. As information rich environments and machine interfacing rapidly progress, Digital Art for me is about combining code and aesthetics with engagement and enjoyment through a physical spatial sense that is more emotive and shared.”


Creating interactive objects and environments, hacking and repurposing devices, crafting code and working at the intersection between art, technology and design to uncover and reveal new potential I have been making audio compositions, games, experiences, data visualisations, exploring contextual awareness, understanding artificial intelligence, working with electronics, pervasive media, mobile applications, challenging data/privacy and crafting beautiful (and not so) objects that makes people smile.
Above all, I aim to create memorable playful experiences.

I work with business clients, arts organisations, local authority and education establishments.

I teach and lecture in a variety of subject areas.

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