Portfolio + Services of Ashley James Brown.

I work as a hybrid digital artist, technologist, producer and consultant. I create works of art, technology driven creative experiences and deliver workshops in the use of creative technology across the arts and cultural landscape. Ive worked with Arts Council NPOs, National Heritage Institutions, Global Marketing Agencies, Local Creative Businesses and even had my work laser projected onto the Moon!

I began my practice as a Computer Scientist and have spent the last decade working as a creative coder, technologist, sound artist and electronic musician.

The relationship between physical forms and digital code is fascinating to me. As information rich environments and machine interfacing rapidly progress, Digital art for me is about combining code and aesthetics with engagement and enjoyment through a physical spatial sense that is more emotive and shared. My work is a form of R+D for humanity; how can technology creatively change, alter and inform our lives for the better.

Contact me for information on my workshops, training and consultancy delivery or bespoke interactive physical and digital works. Look left for my portfolio and past works. Im active across a variety of social networks, please follow and say hi!

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